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Homeschooling doesn't need to be complex.





  • Maintaining your autonomy?  

  • Protecting your privacy? 

  • Following homeschool law? 

  • Keeping the right records? 

  • Getting help when you want it, the way you want it? 

  • Having a solid high school transcript for your student?


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Homeschool the way you want to. You know what's best for your family. Homeschool on your own terms. You are in control.*

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Experience peace of mind because you are keeping your homeschool records up-to-date and accurate in encrypted systems.

colorado homeschool


Access exclusive resources to include a team of Homeschool Coaches ready to encourage, empower, and equip you to be the best homeschooler you can be. 

*You are responsible to comply with local Homeschool Law.

Statheros Academy fulfills legal reporting requirements for Colorado Homeschoolers.  


We understand how important it is to follow homeschool law and keep all of your homeschool records in order and horrible it feels to wonder if you are doing the right things.

Have you worried about whether you have everything in order and want to ensure you handle everything just right.


We get it.

Collectively we have homeschooled 18 kids for over 80 years

and have learned lessons and overcome obstacles the hard way. 

We empower, equip, and encourage you to homeschool with independence, excellence, and confidence.


Our mission is to help you have less stress and anxiety in your homeschool so you can

enjoy your kids more and sleep better at night.

Stratheros was so kind with all my questions and made me feel much more confident and comfortable with homeschooling.

Robin H. 


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At Statheros Academy, we know that you want to be a great homeschooler who is in compliance with homeschool law and who raises happy, healthy, mentally stable, and successful kids. 


In order to do that, you need a personalized support system that will be there for you when you want it. 


There is a problem though; homeschooling can be complicated which can make you feel overwhelmed, confused, and inadequate. 


We believe that homeschoolers should never question their right to homeschool, be made to feel insecure about their decision, or live in confusion about how to home educate.


We understand what it is like to lie awake at night, alone and in tears, beating yourself up with self-doubt and questioning your ability to homeschool, which is why we give homeschoolers an umbrella school with a team of judgement-free Homeschool Coaches that will be there for you when you are ready for us. 


Here’s how we do it. You choose the support level that you want. Enroll with us, and then utilize the tools, resources, and services that are available to you. We don’t get up into your business. We respond when you decide you are ready to access our services. We meet you with the level of support that you determine is right.  


So, enroll in Umbrella School, Statheros Academy so you don’t have to deal with uncertainty, confusion, and overwhelm. We are grateful to help you become the stellar homeschool parent that your kids need you to be. 

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Receive our complimentary guide to help you decide if homeschooling is right for your family. 

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