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Colleen Prayne

Head of School


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Colleen Prayne

She is a third-generation Colorado native, mother of three teenage boys, and homeschooler since 2012. Her husband is a first responder, and together, they work tirelessly to balance their responsibilities. Her ultimate goal is to serve and empower the homeschool community, which led her to establish My Homeschool Hub LLC DBA Statheros Academy in 2017. She loves to travel and plan trips for others, which she does through her second small business, Got a Dream Travel, LLC.


Colleen's Mission and Priorities

Colleen is passionate about reducing the intimidation factor of homeschooling, saving families time and money, promoting family bonding, and providing work opportunities for homeschoolers. She firmly believes that spiritual and mental health must align for students to thrive. As a result, she prioritizes advocating for students' well-being, enabling them to learn and grow with wonder.


Statheros Academy's Offerings

If you're considering homeschooling, Colleen is confident that you can do it – and Statheros Academy can help. The academy offers comprehensive homeschool guidance from seasoned homeschool moms, maintains confidentiality, provides invaluable resources on its website, hosts the Colorado Homeschool Conference, hires homeschoolers for various organizational tasks, and offers custom travel planning through Colleen's second LLC, Got a Dream Travel.


Join the Community

Are you a homeschooler or considering homeschooling? Colleen invites you to join her community and take advantage of Statheros Academy's services. Thank you for allowing Statheros Academy to support you on your homeschool journey!

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