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Homeschool High School Success Package:

Navigating high school homeschooling presents unique challenges, requiring specialized coursework to unlock a world of opportunities for your student post-graduation.

Keeping a meticulous record of completed courses and future requirements is paramount. It's not just about meeting minimum graduation standards; it's about strategically positioning your student for success in their chosen path after graduation.

Every parent aspires to witness their children thrive as independent, successful, and healthy adults. High school is a pivotal time when students are eager to discover their place in the world and fulfill their life's purpose.

The significance of their high school education cannot be overstated. With four fleeting years, every moment counts, and the responsibility weighs heavily on parents to set their kids up for success.

The pivotal question arises: How can you ensure your student is acquiring the necessary coursework to pursue their post-high school aspirations?

Enter our Transcript Review Service, a personalized solution designed to ease this burden:

Submit Completed Coursework:

Share your student's completed coursework with us.


Zoom Meeting (45 minutes):

Engage in a Zoom meeting where we delve into your student's unique circumstances and interests.


Detailed Analysis:

Utilizing the insights gathered during our meeting, we conduct a thorough analysis of the completed coursework. This helps us identify the essential elements required for your student to achieve their goals.


Personalized Recommendations:

Within 10 business days, we provide you with personalized recommendations tailored to your student's needs. These recommendations are designed to optimize their path toward achieving their goals.


Important Note:

Please be aware that our service focuses on credit requirements and does not encompass curriculum recommendations. If you require assistance with curriculum selection, we recommend exploring our Curriculum Planning Service.


Embark on this journey with us, securing your student's path to success after high school. Every credit counts*, and our Transcript Review Service is your compass to a tailored and effective homeschooling experience.

*Please note that we do not provide curriculum recommendations in this service. If you would like curriculum suggestions, please see our Curriculum Planning Service


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We learn about what your high schooler wants to achieve, compare what they have completed against what is most likely to help them meet their goals, and then give you recommendations to consider as you plan their remaining coursework.



This service encompasses two meetings at least one week apart with a Homeschool Coach.


The first meeting is a consultation for your Coach to listen and learn about your family's unique situation and what you would like help with.


In between your meetings, she works off-line for you to gather information for when you meet again. 

Your second meeting is an hour-long in-depth planning meeting where your Coach presents you with recommendations for you to consider implementing in your homeschool.



We all need help sometimes! 

Your Homeschool Coach will listen to you to learn what you are going through in your homeschool.  Primarily, she will encourage you with confidentiality and no judgement. She will share her thoughts, wisdom, and insight to equip and empower you to make the right decisions for your unique family.

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