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There are 3 ways to legally homeschool in Colorado.

Which one suits your family best? 

Getting started, homeschooling can be incredibly overwhelming and confusing! We break it down into simple, manageable steps. Click on the image to get your complimentary comprehensive quick guide to learn how to star homeschooling in Colorado! 

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Here is a fast breakdown of the 3 ways to legally homeschool in Colorado. 

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Homeschool in Colorado with the private school option by joining our umbrella school each year that you homeschool.

As an umbrella school, we set our own policies for what we collect for enrollment and testing/evaluations. Our enrolled families do not follow the same schedule as those filing a NOI under Homeschool Law. Check out our side by side comparison of homeschooling using a NOI vs our umbrella school

We handle the admin duties for your homeschool by storing your records for you.

Statheros Academy will be as involved (or not) as you want us to be in your homeschool. If you don't want or need help, we stay out of your business. When you do want help, we have a team of Homeschool Coaches at your service. 


We support homeschooling parents from preschool through high school to include high school transcript reviews, official and unofficial transcripts, and diplomas.


Additionally, you have direct access to the Head of School . For the fastest response use text or Facebook messenger. All calls are scheduled. We don't believe in hoops or red-tape. We exist to serve you and help you and your students succeed. 

The legal provision for this option to homeschool can be reviewed here (see section 1 (b)).

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For children 6 years old and above as of August 1 of each school year, you may file a Notice of Intent to Homeschool in Colorado (NOI), with the school district of your choice in Colorado at least 14 days prior to starting homeschooling. 

Standardized testing or a professional evaluation must be completed in grades 3, 5, 7, 9, & 11. Test results must be sent to the School District that received the NOI or may be filed with a Private School (like Statheros Academy). The school district must be informed of where test/evaluation results will be filed if they are not sent to the district. The standardized test results must show the student places above the 13% in order to continue homeschooling. If you choose to do a professional evaluation, it must be completed by a qualified individual and confirm that the student is progressing according to their ability in order to continue homeschooling. Read the statute here. 

The parent in charge and in control of a nonpublic home-based educational program shall certify, in writing, only a statement containing the name, age, place of residence, and number of hours of attendance of each child enrolled in said program.* 

*Provide only what the law requires.

Do not include your student's date of birth or their grade level, only their age, as the law stipulates.


Some school districts will assume which grade your child is in according to their age or date of birth based on their enrollment  policies.


It is not unheard of for a school district to demand testing from you in years when you are not legally required to test if you have assigned your child to a grade level other than what school policies dictate for their enrolled students.


If you hold a current teaching license in the State of Colorado, you do not need to file the NOI or register with an umbrella school to homeschool. You can also use this option if you hire a certified teacher to teach your students.

A Teacher’s License is good for 7 years. In order to keep it active you must Complete 90 contact hours (six (6) semester hours) of applicable professional development activities. 

Learn about how to get your Teacher’s License.

Renew your Teacher’s License.

Do you have an inactive or expired license? Reactivate it.

Review legal provision for this option to homeschool can be (see section (i)(l)).

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