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  • It is challenging to translate your child's education into a format that colleges or employers will easily understand? 

  • You are confused about what information should be included in a transcript?

  • Communicating accomplishments in a way that will be universally recognized can be challenging?

  • Knowing how to incorporate traditional GPA calculations is confusing?

  • You don't have access to guidance counselors or standardized resources that traditional schools provide? 

  • You feel uncertain about what the future holds for your child, whether it's college admissions or entering the workforce so you don't know what to put on the transcript? 

  • Translating non-traditional learning paths, such as apprenticeships, online courses, or community college classes into a format that fits the traditional high school transcript model can be perplexing?

  • Explaining curriculum choices, including the use of unconventional or niche materials, and demonstrating their equivalency to standard educational content can be difficult?

  • Compiling a comprehensive list and explanation of extracurricular activities can be intimidating? 

  • You are scared that your home-made transcript will raise questions about the validity of the education received? 

  • You feel ill-equipped to create transcripts that effectively represent your child's education and achievements? 

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We provide a standardized and professionally formatted document. This ensures that your transcript looks professional, making it easier for colleges or employers to assess your student's academic achievements.

Creating a homeschool transcript can be time-consuming, especially for parents juggling multiple responsibilities. Our transcript service allows you to save precious time, energy, and focus on other aspects of homeschooling and family life.

Professional prepared transcripts carry more credibility in the eyes of colleges, employers, and other educational institutions. This is valuable for homeschoolers seeking to demonstrate the legitimacy and quality of their education.

Homeschool High School Transcripts

are Intimidating!

We understand the burden that comes with creating your student's Homeschool High School Transcript. This document carries paramount significance as it establishes the credibility of your Homeschool Graduate's education. Unlike a diploma, your student's Homeschool High School Transcript takes precedence in showcasing the comprehensive overview of their educational qualifications.

 Creating your student's Homeschool High School Transcript adds an immeasurable weight to your shoulders as you consider the implications of getting it wrong. There is so much at stake. Your family has worked so hard to accomplish everything you have done, and you want it to accurately reflect your student's work and to be taken seriously. 

The key is to ensure that it encompasses all the necessary information and effectively communicates the depth of your student's High School educational experience and their notable achievements.


All of our enrolled families have the option to invest in the power of our Official Transcript Service to truly capture the essence of your student's educational accomplishments.

Our passion is to showcase the amazing work your student has completed throughout their homeschool career. We know that you sacrificed a lot to get them through high school. We honor your commitment and celebrate your success and are committed to help them shine! 




Our Official Transcript Service is available to all enrolled families. 


We work together to ensure achievements are accurately showcased. 

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Unofficial Transcript comes to you for your records, Official Transcript is sent to organizations at your direction.  


At Statheros Academy we know that you want to be a proud parent of a successful homeschool student that is respected for the education they have worked hard for. In order to do that, you need a homeschool high school transcript that will accurately reflect your student’s achievements.


The problem is putting together a homeschool high school transcript can be unbelievably overwhelming and confusing which makes you feel inadequate. We believe that homeschoolers work hard and deserve to be taken seriously. We understand what it takes to assume responsibility for a human’s formative education and how impossible it feels to collapse the enormity of what you have done into a single document for critical eyes to judge which is why we work with homeschoolers to fully understand the work your student has done and then accurately enshrine it to exhibit their achievements. 


Here’s how we do it

1) Join Statheros Academy. Our Homeschool High School Transcript Service is only available to our member families.


2) Submit your student’s work to us. We review everything and create your student’s transcript. We work with you to certify the work that has been completed and ensure it is correct. We provide feedback as necessary for improvements that can be made to best flaunt their hard work. Before it receives the final stamp of approval you, our High School Specialist, Registrar, and Head of School review the transcript and check for accuracy and quality. With these four sets of eyes, we work together to ensure you have the highest quality transcript.  


3) Once the homeschool high school transcript is complete, you will receive your unofficial copy for your records and we retain the official transcript. Upon your direction and authorization, we will submit it to organizations on your behalf.* 


So, join Statheros Academy today and purchase your Homeschool High School Transcript Service so you can stop stressing about your student’s transcript and instead be fully present with your student and cherish the short time that you have with them before they move onto the next chapter of their life. 

*Three submissions with a cover letter are included in the Official Transcript Package. Additional transcripts are $35 each and always include a cover letter. 

Official High School Transcript 10th Grade Sample

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All signatures are actual signatures on official transcripts, not e-signatures. Course descriptions are retained for all courses. Classes completed through schools are included in official transcript format as an an addendum. 

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Are you into DIY and want to manage your student's transcript yourself?

Check out our DIY Tools!

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