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  • Tests may not capture the full range of your student's abilities, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and practical application of knowledge?

  • You might feel pressured to "teach to the test,"rather than fostering a broader and more holistic understanding of subjects?

  • Standardized testing creates stress and anxiety for your children?

  • The lack of detailed feedback makes it challenging for you to understand specific areas of strength or weakness in your student's learning? 

  • Tests prioritize memorization over understanding?

  • You don't want a one-size-fits-all approach to education? 

  • A one-size-fits-all approach has no business in your homeschool? 

  • Tests do not align with the skills and competencies needed for success in the real world? 

  • Standardized tests do not account for your children's learning styles, strengths, or weaknesses? 

  • Test scores lead to a narrow definition of student success, overlooking qualities such as creativity, emotional intelligence, and adaptability? 

  • Tests erode your child's natural curiosity and love for learning by making education feel more like a series of assessments rather than an exploration of knowledge?

  • Standardized testing involves collecting and analyzing student data? 


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Sharing your student's schoolwork is extremely personal and sharing it can make you feel vulnerable. We respect and honor the work you do with your student. We complete evaluations with compassion and consideration for special needs and traumatic events that life sometimes brings. 

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We have a confidential, easy-to- use submission process for you to send samples of your student's work to us.  There is no dealing with email attachments or third-party cloud hosting services to transfer data and information. 

Choose between standard or expedited processing times. 

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For homeschoolers by homeschoolers. We understand the homeschool lifestyle because we have lived it for decades. Everything we do is thoughtfully and carefully designed to be low-stress while celebrating the rewards that only homeschooling can bring. 

Kim Almas

As a licensed classroom teacher and "graduated" homeschool parent (including experience with high school planning, struggling and advanced learners, and family crisis), it is my privilege to offer friendly academic evaluations and targeted guidance to support and encourage fellow homeschool families.

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"I just wanted to highly recommend Kim Almas who worked with me to have my daughter's evaluation done for third grade. She was great and efficient. If you are going to have an evaluation letter written instead of testing, contact her. ❤️ She took a lot of stress off my plate."

Jenny C.


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Receive Report

At Statheros Academy, we know that it is important for you to keep your homeschool in good standing and legal compliance, but standardized tests are not the best option for everyone. You care about how well your kids are doing and want to ensure that they are progressing according to their abilities with their home education. 


In order to do that, you need a confidential, reliable, and trustworthy evaluator who truly understands how homeschooling works and can do a proper assessment for your students. 


There is a problem though, the world of homeschool evaluations can be confusing and frustrating to deal with.  


We believe that homeschoolers work hard to provide high quality and personalized education for their children. 


We empathize with the challenges of researching curriculum, creating tailored lessons for each student to address their unique needs, and fostering a conducive learning environment at home. That's why our homeschool evaluations are designed to be gentle and relaxed, recognizing and appreciating the effort you put into your homeschooling journey.


Here’s how we do it. You order the evaluation package that you want, upload 3 samples of your student’s work per subject from the school year, share any other information that we should be aware of, and wait for your official report confirming process to hit your email box. In our assessment services, you are in control! Select your preferred processing time that suits your schedule. Plus, customize your package by choosing whether you want us to transform your student's work samples into a digital portfolio for your exclusive personal records. Your assessment experience, your way!


So, select your homeschool evaluation package today so you don’t have to deal with the stress and overwhelm of testing or strenuous evaluations. We are eager to support and encourage you and your students in your homeschool journey by honoring and validating your student's hard work and helping you fulfill your legal obligations. 

Our Professional Evaluations are valid in Colorado and Florida. 


Unlock Insightful Assessments with Our Basic Evaluation Package:

Discover the power of our Basic Evaluation, designed to provide you with valuable feedback as needed on your child's achievements and areas for improvement. Receive an official progress report, confirming substantial advancements in your child's learning journey.

Key Features:

  • Tailored Feedback: Understand your child's strengths and areas for growth through personalized feedback for any areas of concern that you need to address.

  • Official Progress Report: Gain a recognized document affirming your child's educational progress, ready for submission to any school district in Colorado or Florida or umbrella school in Colorado.

  • Florida students are required to provide a comprehensive book list, offering a detailed overview of their literary engagement. Additionally, as part of the evaluation process, students will engage in a brief and personalized virtual interaction via Zoom with the evaluator, fostering a more in-depth understanding of their academic experiences and achievements.

Choose Your Processing Speed:

  • Standard Processing (10 Business Days): Opt for our reliable standard processing time to receive your evaluation results promptly.

  • Expedited Processing (2 Days): Need results in a hurry? Choose expedited processing for a swift turnaround, ensuring you have the information you need when you need it.

Empower your child's educational experience with the insights provided by our Basic Evaluation Package. Elevate your journey with us today!

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Basic Eval Expedited.png

Touch the image to purchase your evaluation.


Elevate your assessment experience with our premium offering. In addition to the detailed feedback and report included in the Basic Evaluation, you'll receive a personalized digital portfolio. This comprehensive soft-copy portfolio comes with printing rights, showcasing all your student's work samples in one easily accessible document.

Why choose the Evaluation + Digital Portfolio?

  • Snapshot of Progress: Get a quick overview of your student's achievements and growth in a convenient format.

  • Effortless Storage: Organize and store your student's work efficiently, eliminating clutter and saving space.

  • Sentimental Value: Beyond assessments, cherish memorable moments captured in your student's portfolio.

  • Record-Keeping Made Easy: Utilize the portfolio for seamless record-keeping, ensuring you have a comprehensive documentation of your student's academic journey.

Rest assured, this document is exclusively for your records and does not require submission to anyone else. As a bonus, personalize the portfolio by including your student's picture. Elevate your assessment experience with the Evaluation + Digital Portfolio Package today!

Choose Your Processing Speed:

  • Standard Processing (10 Business Days): Opt for our reliable standard processing time to receive your evaluation results promptly.

  • Expedited Processing (2 Days): Need results in a hurry? Choose expedited processing for a swift turnaround, ensuring you have the information you need when you need it.

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Touch the image to purchase your evaluation.

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