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Staci Allen

High School Specialist Homeschool Coach

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Staci Allen is a homeschooling mom of two children whom she has homeschooled all the way through from Kindergarten through high school. She is nearing the end of her homeschooling journey and has loved every year of it, even the ups and downs. Staci is the wife of a career Army Reserve soldier and is familiar with the struggles of deployments and time away from home, the unique position that a homeschooling military spouse is in, and the specific needs of military homeschoolers. 


Staci has a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Illinois and has worked in foster care, adoption, home health and hospital social work. She is grateful for the flexibility in schooling and the family time that homeschooling has provided, as well as the ability it afforded her children to not be subject to the at times damaging institutional school environment that can have a detrimental effect on children's mental health. 


The ability to craft her children’s education allowed each child time and space to try a variety of curriculums, programs, co-ops, and extra-curriculars over the years, as well as allowed time for various field trips, vacations, and experiences that they would not have had being in traditional school. 


Staci believes that homeschooling allows parents to provide the type of education they know that their child needs, since parents are the best source of knowledge on their children, and that it allows children to learn in ways that meet their individual and unique needs. She believes that homeschooling looks different for each family and that is the beauty of it.


Staci has a desire to help parents of high schoolers as they navigate the final years of home education and to help them finish strong and successfully move on to their next step; whether it is college, trade school, an apprenticeship, the military, the mission field, a gap year, or any other path that they might choose. Homeschooling in high school does not have to be stressful and Staci enjoys guiding parents in this exciting time in their child’s homeschooling journey.

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