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SarahJane "SJ" Morrone


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SJ, per her own admission is an “old” (but hey it’s all a state of mind) mom having had her daughter at 38. Today Abygail is a spry 10 year old. SJ was raised mostly in the midwest in Wisconsin and Michigan with small stints in upstate New York and Massachusetts. This meant she moved around quite a bit as a child. She went to Hillsdale College, graduating with a BA in Political Economy & German with a minor in Spanish in 1992. Eventually she spent 13 years living as an expat in London, UK with a short 10 month hiatus in Seville, Spain in the middle of that 13 year period. In addition to speaking Spanish she is also fluent in German and has exchange student roots in Germany as well as Spain. Her husband of 12 years, Mike is a coffee roaster in Colorado Springs and irony of ironies SJ cannot stand coffee but loves tea. She is an avid knitter and has a bumper sticker with a picture of knitting that says “It’s not a hobby it’s a post-apocolplytic life skill.” SJ is passionate about parents’ rights and loves the freedoms we have in America to be able to choose homeschooling especially in the current era of censorship.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you in your Homeschool Journey!

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