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Kim Almas

Homeschool Coach

Focus: Professional Evaluations

As a licensed classroom teacher and "graduated" homeschool parent (including experience with high school planning, struggling and advanced learners, and family crisis), it is my privilege to offer friendly academic evaluations and targeted guidance to support and encourage fellow homeschool families.

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Kim Almas is a seasoned homeschooling parent with two sons who have successfully transitioned into college and careers. Her involvement in education dates back to 1990, and she holds licenses in Colorado, California, and Florida, with her teaching experience spanning various environments, including public schools, private Christian schools, and homeschooling co-ops. She enjoys employing a wide range of teaching styles to engage with students at all levels. Having navigated homeschooling amidst family crisis, she brings a compassionate understanding to unique situations.

Firmly believing that parents know their own children best, Kim has been offering Colorado homeschool evaluations in lieu of standardized testing since 2010. She is committed to supporting fellow homeschooling families on their distinctive journeys.

Beyond her dedication to education, Kim holds a deep passion for her faith in Christ, and is equally open and welcoming to those of various faiths, backgrounds, and worldviews. Her family holds a special place in her heart, and she finds great joy in exploring new places, having already visited 12 countries and counting!

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