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What are Homeschool styles and methods?

Updated: Feb 26

Customized Education What are the methods of homeschooling? We are here to help you learn about homeschool styles and methods and help you figure out what suits you. One awesome thing about homeschooling is the ability to customize your child’s education. If you have more than one child, this will mean that each of them might do better with different homeschool styles and methods, furthermore you will be drawn to some methods more than others. Take Time Allow yourself space to familiarize yourself with different homeschool methods and styles, but don’t rush to commit yourself to any one method. Take time to learn and figure out what you think will work best for your family.

No Comparisons Every method of homeschooling has appealing aspects. It is easy to read about methods of homeschooling you are not using, and second guess yourself. If you perpetually compare yourself to others, you will paralyze yourself and not enjoy your homeschool journey or get enough done. Trust yourself, and trust the curiosity in your kids. They will learn. Tailor it While it is a good idea to find out which homeschool method you prefer, remember that it is beneficial to tailor your children’s education to their personalities and learning styles, rather than just teach them the way you like to learn. In short, be ready and willing to adjust when needed. We are all different Homeschool styles and methods are very different, just like kids. Some children thrive in a classical setting with a lot of memorization, while another may blossom with less regimen. It is important to make home education work for everyone in your family, and not stifle anyone. Customization and flexibility are reasons many people homeschool. Keep an open mind and try new things until you find what works best for family.

No guilt Heads up! You will buy curriculum that you end up not using. It’s all part of the experience. Don’t beat yourself up over purchases that you try and decide isn’t a good fit. When it happens, don't beat yourself up. Chalk it up to learning and part of the homeschool experience and move on. You can sell it for a discounted rate or even give it away to help someone in need and bless another family.

Be Gentle Have grace for yourself and your kids. Homeschool moms who have been at this for many years admit they are always adjusting. Learn some deep breathing exercises and do them. Be willing to eliminate curricula, practices, groups, and schedules when they take more than they give. Allow your family to tweak things (over and over again) until you find the right fit. It’s all about Relationship Remember that your relationship and communication with your kids is most important. Take a break when you need it. You can trust that learning is always happening. Have fun with your kids! The days are long, but the years are short. Make the most of them.

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