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Unlock Your DIY Report Card Today!


Discover the power of our DIY Report Card – your key to tracking and celebrating your child's educational journey. Whether you're a seasoned homeschooler or just starting out, our report card is designed to make your homeschooling experience even more rewarding.


Why choose our DIY Report Card?


1. Comprehensive Progress Documentation: Capture your child's academic achievements and skills with our detailed report card. It's not just a record; it's a valuable resource for portfolios, transcripts, and future evaluations.

2. Smooth Transition to Traditional Schooling: Planning to transition your child to a traditional school? Our report card streamlines the enrollment process, providing a standardized summary of your child's capabilities and accomplishments.

3. Instill Accountability and Responsibility: Foster a sense of accountability in your child with regular assessments and documented progress. Our report card encourages focus on learning goals and identifies areas for improvement.

4. Guided Parental Support: Gain structured insights into your child's strengths and weaknesses. Use this valuable information to shape future lesson plans, refine teaching strategies, and choose the right learning resources.

5. Homeschool Evaluations Made Easy: Keep a comprehensive record of grades for your Parent or Professional Evaluation. Showcase your child's completed work and achievements with confidence.

6. Motivation and Recognition: Celebrate your child's educational milestones with our report card. Motivate them to set and achieve new goals while providing you, as a parent, an opportunity to recognize and reward their efforts.

7. Strengthen Community Connections: Share your child's progress with relatives, friends, or co-op groups. Foster communication about their educational journey, building a supportive network and a sense of community.

8. Transparent Parenting Agreements: Ensure transparency in co-parenting situations by maintaining a comprehensive educational record, including report cards. Help your ex-spouse understand your child's coursework and achievements.

9. Special Education Services Documentation: If your child has special educational needs, our detailed report card can be a valuable tool when seeking or providing documentation for special education services or accommodations.

10. Parental Satisfaction: Experience the joy of visually tracking and appreciating your child's progress over time. Our report card provides a tangible representation of your homeschooling journey.


The decision to use report cards in homeschooling is personal, and our DIY Report Card caters to diverse motivations and preferences. Elevate your homeschooling experience – download your report card today! 


The DIY Report card is included in our Enduring and Determined Enrollment Packages. 

DIY Report Card

  • This fillable PDF does not include calculations. You will need to do that on your own and input the grades earned.

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