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What Subjects Should I Teach in Homeschool

Updated: Apr 15

What Subjects Should I Teach in Homeschool

Are you wondering “what subjects should I teach in homeschool?” This is a common and VERY important question to ask and to know the answer to in order to meet your state’s requirements.

In the state of Colorado, the following subjects are required to be taught – history, civics, speaking, reading, writing, literature, math, science, and the United States Constitution. You do not have to teach every single subject every single day or even every single year; although you might find it can be pretty easy to teach most of these on most days, since so many subjects combine so well. To learn more about homeschool laws governing subjects to be taught in your state, you can go to your state education site, check out Statheros Academy Local Laws page and also ask around in local Facebook groups to stay on top of legislative changes.

If your student knows what field they are leaning towards for college/career, you may want to consider this subject matter as your child enters high school (for some students this can happen as early as middle school). The beauty of homeschooling is that you can tailor your child's education to them, and they can help you do it! Is there a world language your student wants to learn? Are they planning to go to college or into a trade? Is there something they just really want to learn this year? For instance, this year my 12 year old wants to learn Astronomy, my 14 year old wants to learn Psychology, and my 16 year old wants to learn more about auto mechanics and maintenance (and will be rebuilding an engine for his car).

How much time will you have available for teaching? Are you working? Is your child working? A job equals work study hours or can count as an apprenticeship. Statheros Academy members have access to our High School Credit Guide to see how to apply Carnegie Units to award credit. Are they on a sports team? Sports team equals physical education which can go on a transcript. Statheros Academy members have access to our High School Transcript Course Descriptions and non-members may purchase it here. You don’t have to teach ALL the things. As long as you have taught your child how to learn, they will be able to learn the things they want and need all throughout life!

Enjoy the Journey!


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