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What is Homeschooling?

A good definition of homeschooling is declining school as an institution and an authority in your life, instead taking full responsibility for your children’s education. As a homeschooling parent, you are the main educator in your home, exercising the freedom to customize your children’s education. When you choose to homeschool, you embrace the role as the primary influence in your children’s life. Home education is a very intentional way of raising and instructing your children, investing your time in the most important relationships of your life. But what IS homeschooling, what does homeschooling look and feel like?

This is what homeschooling really looks like.

Get Messy You will have a messier house than when you weren’t homeschooling because you are there together most of the time learning, doing activities, playing, eating, doing laundry, living everyday life. All. Day. Long. We are all humans who can be selfish and make mistakes so you have emotional messes to deal with too. These messes that come from togetherness, which when you stick it out for the long haul, result in close relationships, precious memories, and love. Learn to love when it is hard, to forgive when hurt, and to have grace for yourself and for others. Experience blessings that last a lifetime and beyond. Homeschooling is intentional legacy making. Mentor Your Kids Explore and discover your origins, who you are, who your kids are, your world, where you fit into that world, how to relate to other people of all ages, and discover dreams for their future. Help your kids grow into maturity through personal, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social challenges in the light of your family’s values. Homeschooling is walking beside your kids as they find their place in the world. Learn as a Family Be the first one to see the light in your children’s eyes when they figure something out. Come beside them when they are discouraged and feeling down and help them press on in spite of it. Form their character illuminated by your family’s values, traditions, and beliefs. Invest in the most important people and relationships in your life. Capture your children’s hearts and turn them toward the things that will enrich them and bless them the most. Homeschool is family learning, support, encouragement, and close relationships. Freedom Don’t allow your kids to be put into a box that someone else has designed. Does someone who doesn’t know (or care about) your kids have any business designing their education? Look at each kids’ individuality to help them begin to create a work of art that is their life, based on uniqueness, interests, and strengths and frame it with a custom education designed for them. Homeschooling is freedom. Empower Yourself Let go of what establishment says your kids need to know at a certain age or grade. Observe and know your child. See what their strengths and weaknesses are. Help them learn to challenge themselves and go further in their interests and strengths than they think they can. Nurture them in their weaknesses and encourage them to progress and conquer the things that intimidate them. Direct your kids’ educational path because you love them the most and know them the best. Homeschooling is empowering your family. Tackle hard things Home educating is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Some days, weeks, and even months can be overwhelming. It is a major commitment and investment of time, money, and energy. Homeschooling is a huge responsibility and often very hard. Fall in Love Stay connected with your kids and fall more in love with them every day, even when they make you mad. You don’t get a lot of time to yourself, and amazingly, you learn to be okay with that. Homeschooling is enduring love.

Grow Close Relationships Cheer your children on when they need it and rejoice with them when they conquer a challenge that has intimidated them. Cry with your kids when life is just plain hard. Be the person they look to first, whether to be consoled or to celebrate. Homeschooling is intimacy.

Go for a Wild Ride Homeschool is love. Homeschool is hard. Homeschool has huge ups and downs. You will experience a little bit of screaming, some cheering, and definite tears (your kids might even scream, cheer, and cry too)! Homeschool is like a roller coaster, and if you don’t jump off before the time is right for your family, you will say “THAT. WAS. AWESOME!”

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