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Selling Used Homeschool Curriculum

Selling used homeschool curriculum… these four words make even the toughest veteran homeschool moms cringe. It is an irritating laborious process at best, and downright dreadful at its worst.

The struggle to sell used homeschool curriculum and supplies is real!

Valuable Space

Where are your homeschool books that you aren’t using? Are they on a bookshelf (or even more) in your house somewhere? Are they in bins, a closet, the garage, maybe in a storage shed? What would you rather do with that valuable real estate that they are occupying?

Valuable Assets

How much money did you invest in those books that you are no longer using? How great would it be to make some of it back? Especially those that are hardly used. We all have them, you know the ones we are talking about. The curriculum you bought hoping it would be great, but ended up hating it, so it was tossed aside because your relationships and sanity are worth more than a book or the precious money you spent buying it.

The Battle

There are a number of websites you can list your used homeschool curriculum for sale and hope someone finds them. These sites weren’t created for homeschoolers and our unique needs. Many of them take a cut of the sale price (totally lame). When you resell it for a portion of what you bought it for, you should be able to keep all of that money!

Another option is to list it on social media, hope that the right person, in the right group, at the right time sees your post.

Maybe wait for a used curriculum sale in your area (they usually happen close to the end of a traditional school year). Spend hours going through your books and supplies, price them, pack them up and take them to the sale, unload them, and hope that someone comes and buys them. When it is all said and done, lug everything home that didn’t sell and hope it goes better next time. At some of the sales, you only get a percentage of what it sells for (not cool)!

Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else at the end of the school year? You just conquered another year of home education. A used curriculum sale is not the best way to celebrate your accomplishment.

Something Better

Homeschooling parents, you have chosen to educate your kids and are committed to doing the very best you can for them. A reward for your diligence and perseverance is in order! You deserve better than the status-quo when it comes to used homeschool curriculum commerce!

We want to make this process easier for you. We created the My Homeschool Hub used homeschool curriculum marketplace to match buyers and sellers throughout their homeschool journeys. There are categories very specific to homeschooling. Choose where to list your stuff by subjects, grade levels, methods, worldview, you name it, we made a category for it.

It is totally free for homeschoolers to use, most importantly we don’t take a cut of any of your sales and every transaction is private, between buyer and seller. Our role is just to host the space to connect you.

We hope you join us in this space. My Homeschool Hub exists to make your homeschool life more profitable in regards to time and money.



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