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PCSing While Homeschooling? How to Handle the Summer Shuffle

As the days lengthen and the temperatures rise, military families around the world are gearing up for one of the most common events in their lives: Permanent Change of Station, or PCS. But for military families who homeschool their children, this annual migration takes on a unique flavor, especially when it happens during the summer months, as is very common for military families.

Every military family is familiar with the all too often PCS - it's just a regular part of military life - and we all know the mad scramble that comes before and after the PCS season. It's a whirlwind of activity, from finding new housing to adjusting to new communities, stores, doctors, dentists, and churches, and setting up a new life in a new town; let alone trying to find new friends for yourself and your kiddos. The summer PCS presents both challenges and opportunities for homeschoolers that set them apart from their traditionally schooled counterparts.

One of the biggest challenges for military homeschoolers during a summer PCS is maintaining consistency in their education routines. With all the upheaval that comes with moving – packing, unpacking, saying goodbye to friends, and settling into a new home – it can be difficult to keep up with lessons and coursework. However, many military homeschooling families have found creative ways to keep learning on track during this hectic time.

Flexibility is key for military homeschoolers facing a summer PCS. Rather than sticking to a rigid schedule, families may opt for a more relaxed approach to schooling during the transition period. This could mean focusing on core subjects like math and language arts while putting other subjects on hold until things settle down. It could also involve incorporating educational activities into the moving process, such as learning about the history and geography of their new location.

Another challenge for military homeschoolers PCSing in the summer is finding resources and support in their new communities. Unlike traditional schools, which provide built-in networks of teachers, administrators, and fellow students, homeschooling families often rely on outside resources for curriculum, extracurricular activities, and socialization. Moving to a new duty station can disrupt these networks, leaving families feeling isolated and unsure of where to turn for support.

Fortunately, there are often resources available specifically for homeschooling families. Military bases may offer support groups, co-ops, and enrichment programs tailored to the unique needs of homeschoolers. Additionally, online communities and social media groups can connect military homeschoolers with resources and support networks no matter where they are stationed. If you are PCSing to a large duty station, you might be able to find other homeschoolers at the library, the gym, the park, the commissary, or the exchange. Join any base/post Facebook groups for homeschoolers and dive into meeting people and learning what is available at your new duty station.

Despite the challenges, PCSing during the summer can also be an enriching experience for military homeschoolers and their families. Moving to a new duty station provides opportunities for exploration and discovery, allowing families to immerse themselves in new cultures, landscapes, and communities. Homeschooling offers the flexibility to incorporate these experiences into the curriculum, turning everyday adventures into valuable learning opportunities. Don't underestimate field trips and learning about the history and geography of your new home.

For military homeschoolers, PCSing in the summertime is not just a logistical challenge – it's a chance to embrace the transient nature of military life and turn it into an adventure. By staying flexible, seeking out resources and support, and embracing new experiences, you can turn a potentially stressful time into an opportunity for growth and enrichment. Treat it as the ultimate homeschool adventure and your kids will follow your lead. No matter where you end up, Statheros Academy is here to support you. Membership in Statheros Academy offers records storage, report cards, transcripts, homeschool coaches, student and teacher IDs, curriculum review and many other options to support military homeschoolers. In the midst of change, we are your constant homeschool support hub and we understand the unique challenges that military homeschoolers face. Join our community today and have a constant in the midst of all of your change.



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