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How to Choose the Right Umbrella School

Updated: Jun 14

umbrella school

Homeschooling is a journey that allows for a deeply personalized educational experience, but finding the right umbrella school can significantly impact your success and satisfaction. Here are the top 10 things you should consider when choosing an umbrella school, ensuring it aligns with your beliefs, values, and homeschooling approach.

Belief Alignments Around Homeschool Freedom

The right umbrella school should support the core principle of homeschool freedom. Look for an umbrella school that honors your autonomy as an educator and upholds your right to make decisions that best suit your family's educational needs. This should be based solely on your right to run your household and your homeschool as you see fit, not based on the opinions and values of those in charge of the umbrella school.

Respect for Parental Roles

Parents are the primary educators in a homeschool environment. Choose an umbrella school that respects and empowers this role, offering support and resources without undermining your authority and insights about your child's learning. Be sure to choose an umbrella school that will not pressure you to do things "their way" but will empower you and help you find ways to homeschool on your own terms.

Respects the Power of Homeschooling

Seek an umbrella school that understands and champions the intrinsic value of homeschooling. They should recognize the benefits of personalized education, customized subjects matter, flexible learning schedules, and the ability to nurture your child's unique interests and talents.

Quality Support from Experienced Homeschoolers

Effective support comes from those who have walked the path before you. Find an umbrella school staffed by individuals with extensive homeschooling experience. Their insights and advice can be invaluable as you navigate your homeschooling journey. Be aware of any umbrella school that is not run by anyone without substantial personal, homeschool experience. Ensure that the right level of support is available for you, whether that is no support or robust support when you want or need it.

Practical Policies

Avoid umbrella schools bogged down by excessive red tape and unnecessary hoops. The best schools offer clear, practical policies that facilitate, rather than hinder, your educational efforts. Policies should be designed to support you, not create additional burdens.

Respect for All Homeschool Methods

Homeschooling is not one-size-fits-all. Whether you prefer classical education, unschooling, Montessori, or a hybrid approach, or online coursework, your umbrella school should respect and support your chosen method, providing resources and encouragement tailored to your specific approach.

Respect for All Belief Systems

Diversity and inclusivity are crucial. Ensure the umbrella school you choose respects all belief systems and provides an environment where all families feel welcome and valued, regardless of their religious or philosophical backgrounds.

Flexibility in Support Services

Your umbrella school should offer flexibility in its support services, ensuring they fit your family's unique needs rather than forcing you into a one-size-fits-all mold. Look for a school that provides customizable solutions, allowing you to choose the level and type of support that best aligns with your educational goals and family dynamics. This flexibility ensures that your homeschooling experience is truly personalized and effective.

Service-Oriented Philosophy

Your umbrella school should see itself as a service to your family, not the other way around. They should strive to meet your needs, offering flexible solutions and personalized support rather than trying to fit you into a pre-designed mold.

Customized Education for Each Child

Every child is unique, with different strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Choose an umbrella school that values and supports customized education plans, allowing you to tailor your child's learning experience to their specific needs and goals. This is especially important when it comes to assessments and testing.


By considering these ten factors, you'll see why our umbrella school is the ideal choice for your homeschooling journey. We are dedicated to aligning with your educational philosophy, supporting your family's unique needs, and enhancing your homeschooling experience. Our commitment to empowering you as the primary educator, respecting diverse beliefs and methods, and providing tailored resources and support ensures that your children will thrive. Join our community today and experience the difference that a supportive, inclusive, and flexible umbrella school can make in your homeschooling adventure. Sign up now and take the first step towards a more enriching and successful homeschool experience!


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