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5 Tips for Teaching Kids How to Keep Their Room Clean

5 Tips for Teaching Kids How to Keep Their Room Clean

The Struggle is Real

Let’s face it. Keeping kids’ bedrooms clean can be a real struggle while homeschooling. We are in our homes a lot so everything gets messy! In addition, we balance school-work, chauffeur kids to activities, maintain common areas of our homes, plan meals, shop, cook, do dishes, keep up with laundry, pay bills, and many of us have jobs. Furthermore, we wear many “hats” (wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, etc) that demand our attention and time. Where do we find time for teaching kids how to keep their room clean? 

All of these very important aspects of life can easily leave the kids’ rooms at the bottom of the to-do list. Out of sight, out of mind…it is easier to close the door and forget about it. When we are doing our best just to get through the day, the kids’ rooms being overlooked is a common and understandable reality.

There might be something better though, for us and our kids.

Many Benefits


Helping kids create and maintain a haven of their own has serious benefits on their psyche, physical health, and spirits. It feels so good to go to a clean room at the end of a day. Knowing that everything is in order brings a sense of calm. A clean bedroom helps them sleep and breathe deeper. Entering into this space feels even better to kids when they do the work themselves, accordingly it builds self confidence.


When we teach our kids how to keep their room clean we help them begin to learn how to protect their sanity through setting boundaries. To begin with, they become aware of how to maintain what they have control over. In the second place, knowing how to keep a clean room will make them better college roommates, spouses, and parents.


Bedroom space that is tidy and clean helps kids learn how to value and take care of their belongings. When they are taking care of their things, they are more aware of what they have and they learn to value them. This can lead to more appreciation for what they have and teach them that their possessions should serve a purpose. It also helps them be realistic about the difference between wants and needs.


Having a clean bedroom to settle into every night can foster a deep sense of security and belonging. Subsequently, when they take ownership of their space, they feel more connected to it. They become highly invested in their room, therefore they appreciate it more.

5 Tips for Teaching Kids How to Keep Their Room Clean

1. Allow Time

Schedule some “tidy time” into the day. Allow time for picking up every single day, otherwise it will get overlooked. If the kids use their bedrooms for play, crafts, or building then factor in a clean up time into their free time. Let them know when it is time to start cleaning up. Add an additional 10-15 minutes to their daily routine to tidy up things that can be put away.

2. Side by Side If this is a new thing that you are working on in your home, stay with your kids during clean up time. Don’t clean up for them, just stay by them and ask them questions to guide them in the thinking process to decide where the best and most logical places are to put things. Continue to do this until they are comfortable completing the process on their own. This is a simple time, but can be a blessing that helps you get to know them better. It will build your relationship and trust as you go spend this time together.

3. Put it in Writing

Write it down or make a picture chart to help them know what tasks need to be completed. Consider assigning specific tasks on certain days. Examples are tidying surfaces like dressers, bookshelves, and desks. Putting books, toys, and clothes away, dusting, cleaning under the bed, straightening drawers, organizing shoes, purging items that are no longer wanted or used, vacuuming, and changing sheets.

4. Inspect and Celebrate Regularly

Each day at a regular time, check their room together and help them identify what needs to be improved. Make a game out of it by asking questions or giving clues and to guide them in identifying what needs improvement. Keep the standards high so that you work yourself out of a job. Congratulate them on their successes and gently encourage them regarding improvements that need to be made. High fives and smiles go a long way with kids! Remember to celebrate with them when they succeed. It is great to sit down with a kid in their clean room and teach them to admire the results of their hard work. Teaching them to revel in the serenity that they created is priceless.

5. Delay Gratification

Choose specific activities that cannot be done until their room is clean. This could be screen time or playing with siblings or friends. If your kids get allowance, consider tying in the money they get each week with their room being clean. Teaching kids they have to work and perform to a standards to get paid simulates the real world for them. Consequently, it helps teach them the value of money and work.


Once we get into a groove and train our kids in the habit of tidiness, we will all feel better! It is totally worth the time it takes each day to help our young ones take ownership to manage their own space. The more you do it, the less time it takes. Tidiness brings more peace to our home, sets our kids up for future success, connects our kids deeper to us, and helps them feel better about themselves.

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