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Quick Guide To Homeschool Styles

Updated: May 28

Do want a quick run-down on the top 10 homeschool styles out there? Do you confuse Maria Montessori with Charlotte Mason or unschooling with deschooling? Below is a super quick guide to the major homeschool styles and links to each of our blog articles on that style. Then download our free Guide to the Seven Major Homeschool Styles to learn more about these styles in-depth.

Traditional- Textbooks, workbooks, similar to school at home.

Classical- Follows the trivium (3 stages of learning) grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Focuses on memorization in the grammar stage. Socratic reasoning and use of classical literature in logic and rhetoric stages. Typically but not always includes Latin language study.

Unschool- Child interest learning. Parent facilitates learning by providing resources for kids based on what the child wants to do.

Charlotte Mason- No textbooks, uses living books, nature studies, narration, no workbooks, short and meaningful lessons.

Montessori- Child interest-led, hands-on practical "work, "real-life experiential learning.

Unit Studies- One topic studied at once, with all the subjects being incorporated into the topic. Whole family learning.

Eclectic- A mixture of curriculum/styles using whatever is best for each child for each subject.

Reggio- Very similar to Unschooling & Montessori.

Thomas Jefferson- The reestablishment of Classical Liberal Arts Education based on the education of the founding of America period of history.

Waldorf- Gentle, whole-child approach. Celebrates beauty & creativity.

Are you overwhelmed? Do you want some help sorting through all these styles and figuring out what is best for your family? Schedule a Homeschool Coaching session with one of our experienced homeschool parents. Do you want to take a deep dive into Curriculum Planning for your chosen style? Schedule a Curriculum Planning Session where a Homeschool Coach can spend time getting to know your family and your unique needs and wants. Don't forget to download our free Guide to the Seven Major Homeschool Styles to keep on learning!


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