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Quick Guide To Homeschool Styles

Traditional- Textbooks, workbooks, similar to school at home.

Classical- Follows the trivium (3 stages of learning) grammar, logic, and rhetoric. A lot of memorization in the grammar stage. Socratic reasoning and use of classical literature. Includes Latin language study.

Unschool- Child interest learning. Parent facilitates learning by providing resources for kids based on what the child wants to do.

Charlotte Mason- No textbooks, uses living books, nature studies, narration, no workbooks, short and meaningful lessons.

Montessori- Child interest led, hands on practical "work,"real life experiential learning.

Unit Studies- One topic studied at once, with all the subjects being incorporated into the topic. Whole family learning.

Eclectic- A mixture of curriculum/styles using whatever is best for each child for each subject.

Reggio- Very similar to Unschooling & Montessori.

Thomas Jefferson- The reestablishment of Classical Liberal Arts Education based on the education of the founding of America period of history.

Waldorf- Gentle, whole-child approach. Celebrates beauty & creativity.


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