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Homeschool Podcast The Essence of Homeschooling

Season 1 Episode 2

In today's episode, we have the pleasure of introducing you to one of our incredible homeschool coaches, Michele Moore. Michele is a dedicated homeschooling mom and a passionate advocate for supporting families on their homeschooling journey.

Join us as we get to know Michele a little better. We will hear about her inspiring reasons for starting homeschooling and the journey that led her to become a homeschool coach. With her wealth of experience and knowledge, Michele shares invaluable advice for new homeschoolers, offering guidance and reassurance as they embark on this exciting path.

But that's not all! Michele also shares one of her most precious memories from her homeschool journey, giving us a glimpse into the joy and fulfillment that homeschooling can bring. Plus, she treats us to some fantastic book recommendations to inspire learning and curiosity in your homeschool.

Don't miss out on this enriching conversation with Michele Moore! Tune in now to discover her insights and recommendations for empowering and uplifting your homeschooling experience.

Grab Michele's Easy Guide to Incorporating Critical Thinking in Your Homeschool here. 

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